Team int elligence

RoboCup Junior (RCJ) USA 2021- Winner

RCJ Worldwide 2021- Finalist

RCJ USA 2022- Best Mechanical/Electronics Award

Congratulations Team int elligence!

The Team

Ishaan Verma ( Team Captain), Pranav Sitaraman & Sujay Konda's team int elligence, from Storming Robots, was ranked among the top 6 teams in the world. They also placed 2nd in RCJ USA 2021!

The Bot

The bot is a custom design with a 3D printed chassis and uses Arduino Mega 2560 with 2 color sensors. The Pixy2 camera and time of flight sensor was used for victim rescue and obstacle avoidance.

The Field

Bot performance and reliability were tested using fields of various difficulty. As the competition progressed from qualifier to US regional to worldwide, code was finetuned to improve navigation and responsiveness.

In Pictures

Coming soon..

  • Design

      • Line Following

      • Intersections

      • Obstacles

      • Evacuation Room

  • Evaluation and Analysis

    • Analysis for Object Recognition

    • Analysis of setTarPwm in Makeblock MeEncoderOnBoard

    • Analysis of Adafruit TCS34725 Library

Published Details

Source code published @ github - click here

Mechanical Design@ onshape CAD - click here