Robotics Competitions

FIRST LEGO League Challenge & Season

FIRST LEGO League is the annual international competition that sees groups of children compete to find the best robotics solution to a challenge set by LEGO Education and FIRST.

Each season, team is required to

  • Design, build and program a LEGO based autonomous bot to complete a set of robotics missions in 2:30min

  • Develop and present an Innovative solution to address challenge related to theme of the season

  • Demonstrate team work while discovering new skills and preparing for competition and fun in an inclusive environment

Season kicks off in August and various events are held at regional, state, national and global events for robotics team to showcase their skills and creativity

Every year, FIRST® LEGO® League releases a new Challenge based on a real-world, scientific theme.

2021-2022 FIRST® LEGO® League’s CARGO CONNECTSM, participants will learn how cargo is transported, sorted, and delivered to its destinations. 

RoboCup Junior - USA and Worldwide

The RoboCupJunior is a pre-college level division of RoboCup and one of the best robotics competition in the world. It focuses on fully autonomous and students are allowed to design, create their own robotic solutions with any hardware and software platform.

RCJ has various leagues and sub leagues to present real life challenge for robotics missions

  • Rescue Line - Rescue mirrors the real life use of robots to rescue people from life-threatening situations

  • Rescue Maze - In the Rescue Maze sub-league, the robot must use sensors navigate a maze.

  • Soccer League - design and program two robots to play soccer against an opposing pair of robots.

  • OnStage League - The OnStage challenge is intended to be open-ended insofar as the performers can present any type of performing art they choose, including dance, storytelling, theatre and performance art.

Competition progresses through qualifiers, regionals and nationals, presenting successively higher difficulty level and wider participation.

Robotics season concludes with worldwide competition held in May / June month each year. Participation in the worldwide event is by invitation only.

Winners from each region, US being one of the regions, are invited to compete against the very best from all over the world .