Meet our rookie team, who in their very first year, blazed through the qualifier round and outperformed seasoned teams in the NJ state championship, to win not one but two awards. Team V.A.R. from Area14 Robotics, with the “Engineering Excellence Award’ and the “Rising All-Star Award” under their belt, this team is hungry for more. They are always ready for V.A.R.!

Like the judges, we expect great things from them in the future. We're geared up for FLL, RCJ, and many more competitions in the coming years.

FLL NJ Qualifier (North)


Recognized for an efficiently designed robot, an innovative project solution that effectively addresses the season challenge, and great core values evident in all they do.

Team V.A.R.

Think V=Visionary, A=Adaptive, R=Resilient, that’s team V.A.R.! Vedaang, Achyut, and Rohit made a great first-time impression on the judges. This was their first competition and they were incredible! Thank you, Coach Ishaan, for mentoring and motivating them.

Details about their innovation project and robot design coming soon!

FLL NJ State Championship


Recognized as a team that the judges notice and expect great things from in the future. Congratulations Team V.A.R.!

51767 Robot Design Final.pptx