Congratulations Team Quintimate

The Team

Creative Designer and Coder

Researcher and Coder

Mission Strategist and Builder

Problem Solver and Builder

Quick Thinker and Tester

The Bot

Arm Pull Down Mechanism

Horizontal Arm Mechanism

Package Drop Mechanism

Base Bot with EV3 Brick

The Mission

Mission Strategy

Mission Path 1 (purple): Mission 5, Mission 3, Mission 2

Mission Path 2 (red): Mission 14, Mission 7, Mission 8, Mission 9 (train push)

Mission Run

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Reduce wait time for cargo ships

Port terminals are simply overflowing and the biggest bottleneck in the global supply chain. However before we reached to this conclusion, we as a team had researched multiple stages of transportation and found that

  • Level of automation at warehouse and manufacturing plants are very high

  • Most of the delays happens at the ports and transportation hub - lot of idle time for containers

Eliminate idle time for containers

Hyperloop technology has the potential to transport goods and people at rapid speeds, greatly reducing the travel times between cities.

Our solution and prototype is using hyperloop at the port to eliminate / reduce

  • numbers of vehicles required to move containers from one place to another

  • space required to "hold" containers and

  • manual labor required to operate high number of cargo ships and containers

Accelerate to the future - Ultrafast delivery

In future, there are several ways a hyperloop and conveyer belt could be used to

  • Unload from ship and directly deliver location for the next transportation (Cargo Airport, Train)

  • Direct connectivity to warehouses (in different cities)

  • ultra-fast, on-demand deliveries of high-priority goods


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